Cygnet QR code

Do you have a QR code yet?

‘What’s a QR code?’ I hear you ask…..well, you know those strange black and white dotty square things that seem to be popping up on magazines everywhere? They’re QR codes, or Quick Response codes in full. They’re a type of barcode that can be read using smartphones that link directly to websites, email addresses, phone numbers, text etc. So why would you want one for your business? I’ll try to explain.

During the summer I was at Buckmore Park karting circuit watching my son Scott have his first Bambino karting lesson. I went to the ladies and spotted an interesting poster on the back of the cubicle door advertising a product I was interested in. The text on the poster encouraged me to take a photo of the poster with my mobile phone, so that I wouldn’t have to try to remember their company name or website address and I could look them up later. Brilliant! What a great idea!

Imagine how excited I was (those of you who know me will be able to picture!) when I subsequently discovered that you could have your own barcode, which people could then ‘photograph’ with their mobile phone and it would take them straight to your website, or wherever you want to point them!  What’s more, you can generate them instantly and it doesn’t cost anything!  Once you have your QR code you can print them on your business cards, leaflets, or even umbrellas as I was discussing with a client yesterday – they seemed to be as excited as I had been when I showed them how easy it is.

If you’d like to create your own QR code, there are a number of sites offering this, including:

University of Bath