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If disaster strikes, can you easily access your data?

I was talking to a client recently who had the misfortune to have all their laptops stolen from their offices – twice!! Still, I suppose they were insured and at least their data was backed up, wasn’t it? Well actually, no…..the data wasn’t backed up and they suffered a good deal of disruption in trying to pick up the pieces.

We all rely so heavily on our computers these days; can you begin to imagine how much damage it would do to your business if disaster struck and you lost everything? Yet many of us are too busy with the daily running of the business to make sure we have reliable systems in place to back up our important files and information.

In these days of cloud computing there are lots of cost-effective and simple to use automated backup services, which keep a copy of your important data off-site. This approach has the added advantage of providing access to your data when you’re on the move, during the normal course of your work, and means you don’t have to invest heavily in your own data storage solutions.

We’ve found SugarSync works really well, and they have a free service providing up to 5Mb of storage, so you can try it out and see how you get on with it. It’s really easy to setup and then it automatically scans your files for any changes all the time you’re connected to the internet, so your files are backed up straight away.

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