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Todich Floral Design

What we did:

  • Facilitated business planning – developing the vision and objectives
  • Developing and implementing a new management structure
  • MD mentoring
  • People and performance management coaching
  • Time management and organisation skills coaching.

What the client thought:

I have lots of ideas about how to drive the business forward – Alli helps me to take a step back and think about what needs to be done to make these a reality. Together we’re putting in place a management structure to allow me to delegate more and focus on developing the business.

I can be pretty single-minded, but she’s able to challenge me and make me question the direction I’m taking, or the best way to go about it. She has made a practical difference to the way I organise myself, and I make much more effective use of my time now. My staff say they’ve really noticed the difference. Todd Todich, Owner.

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