Harbrine Architectural Ironmongers

What we did:

  • Facilitated business planning – developing the vision and objectives
  • Developing and implementing a new management structure
  • People and performance management coaching
  • Training on delegation, communication, performance management, leadership.

What the client thought:

What we really needed was direction and guidance in implementing practical techniques. We were already passionate about our individual ability but required energising.

I can honestly say that this was by far the best training that the staff at Harbrine have experienced for many years. Everyone involved in the training modules gave positive feedback and commented on the excellent delivery, great content and application.

Alli enabled us to gain influence and persuasion skills for sales and negotiations through her knowledge of training techniques. All in all boosting our presentation and personal impact skills to increase our sales and most importantly staff morale. Harry Singh, Director.

It has been a pleasure working with Alli. She has managed to change me as an individual and help me see things differently. There are not enough words that could describe our working relationship. Alli gets the best out of individuals, she manages to get everyone thinking outside the box and motivates them in the tasks that they are set by making it not just a task. If I could sum Alli up it would be professional, trustworthy, consistent, reliable, motivational and most of all an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Alli. Peter O’Donnell, Associate Director.

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