Fishmore Hall Hotel

What we did:

  • Facilitated business planning – developing the vision and objectives
  • MD mentoring
  • People and performance management coaching
  • Internal communications coaching.

What the client thought:

Having opened a business from scratch at the end of 2007, I felt I needed help to make sure that we not only survived those first tricky few years that most businesses encounter but that we also survived through the recession. With Cygnet we looked at cashflow, marketing, leadership and of course the product itself to make sure that we were doing everything as well as we could to make sure we survived.

My meetings with Alli enabled me to take time out away from the “pitface” and really think about what business activity I needed to prioritise. We talked about what I wanted the business to achieve and then put together an action plan so that I could focus on how to achieve these goals.

Our business is family owned with all of us trying to put in our penny’s worth. By sitting down with Alli I was able to work on how we should act like directors and not as a family and take a more business-like approach with how we communicate all of our ideas and thoughts without talking over each other.

Alli helped me to set specific targets for the management team to meet. Not only did this help the team know what was expected from them but it helped us to improve the relationship between the management team as we were all able to work from the same page. Laura Penman, Proprietor

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