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Business Development Programme

Need to get your business into gear? Our Business Development Programme will help you to: set your direction: clarifying what you are aiming to achieve for yourself and for your business develop a routemap: agreeing what needs to be done to move your business forward, considering each aspect of the business including marketing, finance, operations, […]

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How to use LinkedIn

This is a really comprehensive guide to using LinkedIn to: attract new customers find a new job keep in touch with your network discover new suppliers and partnerships acquire new employees apply LinkedIn at organisational level It’s written by Jan Vermeiren and Bert Verdonck and you can download for free here:  

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Cygnet QR code

Do you have a QR code yet?

‘What’s a QR code?’ I hear you ask…..well, you know those strange black and white dotty square things that seem to be popping up on magazines everywhere? They’re QR codes, or Quick Response codes in full. They’re a type of barcode that can be read using smartphones that link directly to websites, email addresses, phone […]

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