Welcome to Cygnet. Since we started in 2004 we’ve been helping business owners and managers to improve performance and achieve their goals.

Sometimes that means looking at the big picture: helping our clients to be clear about why they’re in business, what they want the future to look like, and what the business needs to deliver in order to make this vision a reality.  At other times it’s about finding a creative way to improve performance on the ground. Often, it’s about supporting people: coaching and mentoring an individual director or manager, or training a team to develop the skills and knowledge they need to perform really well.

I love my job! It gives me a great excuse to poke my nose into all sorts of organisations and find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been working with SMEs in one way or another for longer than I care to admit, and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.  I love to learn new things, and I really enjoy sharing ideas and information with people to help them to do things better, faster, smarter.

This website has given me a way to share some of that information and knowledge more effectively. I’ll be posting new articles on a regular basis, sharing snippets I think you’ll find useful and relevant in managing your own business. The Featured Articles section collects these under topic headings, so you can browse through to find things that are interesting or relevant to you.

It would be great if you would leave a comment to let me know if you’ve found something useful, and feel free to contribute anything you think other business owners and managers will find of interest. To get email notifications of  new articles I post, simply enter your email address into the ‘Subscribe to blog’ box at the bottom right of the page.

Please give me a call if I can help with any aspect of managing your business – if I can’t do it, I probably know somebody who can!

Best wishes